ABAP is a scientific-cultural-environmental association and a non-profit organization, founded in Bari (Italy) in 1995 by a group of freelancers and researchers.
From the beginning, the principles of the Association are oriented towards focus areas of public interest (vocational courses, study groups, literacy campaigns and awareness on environmental issues). Since 2012, ABAP is a Social Promotion Association.

Professional training courses

For more than twenty years, thanks to the cultural diversity of our partners, we conduct an intensive high-level post-graduate activity (master’s course programs, post-graduate and upgrade courses) on subjects like: ecological communication, eco-literacy, food safety, marine resources, biostatistics, bioinformatics, environmental law, enhancement of rural and urban areas, natural wellbeing, pet therapy and human nutrition.


ABAP is characterized by study groups and permanent research teams on: water cycle management, waste cycle management, air cycle management, agriculture, nutrition and natural food, eco-cities, sea and coastline, wildlife reserves, environmental law; environmental education, eco-management and audit; bio-ecological and bioclimatic architecture, ecology and urban hygiene.

Territory & Biodiversity

Our choices are designed to produce positive effects on the territory and its civil and entrepreneurial systems in terms of environmental sustainability, that is the precious principle regulating the quality of life. At the same time, we believe that the unique identity (biological, landscapes, food farming) of our local ecosystem should be preserved, in fact that biodiversity has given the specificity of cultures and traditions for centuries.

Communication & Culture

Together with our own scientific papers (articles, research, posters), we publish the magazine “Biologando”, intended for members, associations, public and private institutions cooperating in the same areas of interest and intervention.
Besides, ABAP promotes lectures, workshops, roundtables, exhibitions, cultural and show events.
In 2008 we produced the short movie X Nature – Biology of the third millennium (issues on biodiversity and problematic animal species). The movie has won numerous awards in national and international festivals including the Environmental Film Festival Cinemambiente of Turin.
In 2011 we produced the documentary X Grain – but do not call them GMO, a report on cereal growing of “ancient grains” and genetically modified grains.


We believe that this is the keyword. We have based our entire journey on the holistic approach and on the cooperative model that Nature teaches us to be as the most effective. Since the beginning, we worked with local and national environmental associations, organizations and institutions such as the Ministry of Health, the National Institute of Health, the Region of Apulia, the City of Bari, many professional associations, the University of Bari and the University of Milan.

The Association is available to start projects of international cooperation with other environments sharing the same values and goals.

For further information and details email us at info@infoabap.it
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